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Hampshire’s Local Market Garden


Healthy Soil, Healthy Food

Organic Vegetables, Grown in Healthy Soil

Hampshire Market Garden Organic Vegetables

Organic Veg for Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes, Shops & More


Hampshire Market Garden Healthy Soil

Healthy Soil = Healthy Food.. Grown organically in Hampshire


Hampshire Market Garden Workshops

Workshops & Events on the farm and market garden available to book


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Fruit & Veg Boxes available to your door when you want them



Not Just Great Veg…

Organic & Chemical Free

All of our produce grown at Hampshire Market Garden is organic and certified by the Soil Association. Organic doesn’t always mean chemical-free though and so we also wanted to let you know that we do not use any harmful or toxic chemicals in the growing, washing or preparing stages of our food production.

Chemicals, Fertilisers, or anything that effects the natural microbiology of our farm is a massive NO from us… It will massively effect the soil health and its natural cycle, which is why we absolutely won’t resort to these methods.

Great Taste

It is often said that you cannot beat homegrown veg… Well we agree, and so we mimic the conditions of that with the way we grow and pick your vegetables. The taste of our produce is as close as you can get to growing it yourself, because we don’t use pesticides, we don’t use toxic fertilisers, we don’t use chemicals or practices to make the veg bigger or look prettier.

It is grown as nature intended with very healthy soil and a huge range of nutrients that are often not present in non-organic supermarket bought vegetables… This gives our produce the very best taste!

Highly Nutritious

Above all else we work hard to maintain a healthy and full soil food web… This means we make sure our soils have a well-balanced mix of all the microorganisms they should have in them.

This presence of soil life means that they can breakdown all the different natural nutrients that are in our soils and pass this on to our vegetable plants.

A strong indicator of nutrients is their natural sugars and we are studying how much higher our vegetables are compared to those grown without a focus on soil.

Rushmere Farm Field HMG 800px

Hampshire Market Garden

Coming Soon to Rushmere Farm, Hambledon

We have been working hard behind the scenes to get the plans together to start our own market garden… Our worst kept secret ever! But believe it or not; we will be starting work in February and have produce ready for this Spring / Summer! We are super excited to be starting our market garden at Rushmere Farm which is owned by George and his family; the team behind Toats Mylk. Follow the story here: https://hampshiremarketgarden.co.uk/blog/ 

The Story So Far

Why is Soil So Important?

About Us

Hampshire Market Garden CiC started as Ooooby Winchester back in 2020, with the ambition of helping people get more access to healthy food. Our team has over 60 years combined experience in growing veg, selling local food, and working in sustainable local food industries.

All of our team are local to Hampshire and have been here for decades, noticing the impact of big supermarkets on local villages and towns across Hampshire. Now more than ever, they are passionate about local food getting back in the hands of local people.


Why Local Food Is Important

First and foremost, eating local food supports local producers and strengthens the local economy. By purchasing food from nearby growers, we contribute to the livelihoods of local people and help them sustain their operations.

Additionally, eating locally reduces our carbon footprint. Food that is transported over long distances consumes significant amounts of energy, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. When we choose locally sourced produce and goods, we reduce the need for extensive transportation, thereby minimizing our environmental impact.

Furthermore, local food is fresher and more nutritious. Since it doesn’t have to travel long distances, it can be harvested at peak ripeness, maximizing its flavor and nutritional value.

Finally, eating locally promotes a connection with our community and fosters a sense of food security. By knowing where our food comes from and building relationships with local producers, we create a more resilient and self-sufficient food system… This is why we do, what we do.


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