– Hampshire Market Garden CiC –

Code of Safe and Responsible Behaviour

Looking after ourselves, each other and the site.


We are a working market garden. We therefore ask visitors to keep to the designated areas and to agree to:

  • Keep away from ponds and outbuildings that are not property of the CiC at all times.
  • Keep children and vulnerable adults under close supervision.
  • Never to ride or climb on machinery such as tractors.
  • You must let us know as soon as you arrive if you have any serious allergies, such as anaphylactic shock to bee stings and must stay away from hives if this is the case.


  • Please follow all instructions given by staff, who are responsible for you and other volunteers on site.
  • Please be respectful of staff and volunteers, it’s important that we all play our part in creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment. It’s also important to respect other people’s boundaries with regards to personal space – both physically and socially.


  • If you are unsure how to use a tool or any recommended protective clothing, please ask a member of staff. If still unsure, ask again and again, no problem.
  • Always stand upright spades, forks, hoes and other hand tools when not in use, either in the ground or resting against an object – otherwise they may be stood on and hit someone in the face.
  • Site tools and gloves are precious. When you have finished using them, please put them away using the cleaning-up procedure in the tool store.


  • Don’t launch too suddenly into hefty, physical activity.
  • If an activity is straining you then move onto something else or request assistance.
  • Help yourself to water or hot drinks when needed – don’t get thirsty.
  • In the summer, please keep protected from the sun by wearing a hat and using sun protection.
  • Please use protective clothing and equipment provided, if you feel you require more PPE then request this from staff or management.


  • We recommend sturdy foot-wear, it will make you feel more comfortable. For some tasks, safety boots are advisable. 
  • Wear gloves when handling compost.
  • Please wash your hands before eating.  
  • Keep an eye out for slippery uneven ground, especially in wet weather. 


  • The First Aid Box and Fire Extinguisher are in the packing container. There will always be at least one first aid trained staff member on site.
  • If you spot a fire, do not put yourself at risk. Dial 999, inform a member of staff and move to a safe space. The designated fire meeting point is under the walnut tree in the middle of the farm.
  • We have a Health and Safety Policy and site risk assessment. Please ask if you would like a copy.

Let’s enjoy and respect this place where we’re all working together for a better local food system.